What is WorldWide-CashClub?

WorldWide-CashClub is an advertising platform where every member gets paid to have there favorite promotion viewed across the world. Earn $1 every time your Banner Ad gets viewed in rotation prior to registration for new member. Incredible power, and simplicity in the palm of your hands.


Promotional Ad views are important and hard to come by! We often fall short of getting our ads seen by enough people and end up paying hundreds to thousands of dollars to advertise. So what we have done is made it so your ads not only go viral, but you get the compensation you deserve from having your ads viewed. 

With our system you will be paid $1 constantly to your WWCC account over and over again, non stop each time someone watches your ad before becoming a member. Does not matter whether it's you who invited someone to watch the ads or one of your network club members introduce them, you or both of you earn an income.  Once you have built a solid foundation your income will take on a life of it's own. Producing ad views and income into the thousands with just a click of a button. This system is designed so that all marketers earn online whether advance or amateur. Once you register today you will earn for life.

When you register today you become the head of you very own network of members. Your inviter/sponsor as well as admin will work one on one with you until you have the knowledge needed to duplicate on your own. You will never be left behind or out there to be struggling like some programs do their members. We value the success of our club so we make our weakest link our strongest link, leaving no chance for failure.

One simple, one time registration fee of $10* will ensure you NEVER have to go with out income ever again. Yes, that is a bold statement but we stand behind our compensation structure that backs that statement up 100%. If you would like to view Compensation Chart, click HERE!

For $10.00 usd


  • Lifetime Membership
  • Replicated Website to track your referrals
  • Promotional Materials such as Banners, Text Ads, Videos, and Email Swipes
  • One on one coaching if needed
  • Viral Income
  • Viral Advertising views of your websites/promotions
  • Constant payments Over and Over again
  • Special bonuses inside for active members

This is not a matrix that will stall, nor is it a member to member system that has to wait on member approvals that can take days. This isn’t yet another MLM program. This is an advertising platform created to help the little entrepreneur come out on top. Eliminating the high cost of advertising that always produced little results. This site evens the odds and gives a lending hand to those who struggle to earn money online while getting quality advertising of their products or services.

Will You Become Rich?

Admins Pledge: This is not a "get rich quick" program. The amount of money you make as well as with any other business you do, takes on your personal efforts and abilities. The staff and members of WWCC will make every effort within our means to help you succeed. This is not just some "run of the mill" website, but a club (A Family). We value the goals and success of each other as a team and will stand behind and help each other where ever it is possible!


How it works?




You will view the ads of your sponsor and 5 other members and enter their view codes before you can register. (please allow up to 15 secs for view code to appear.)



You will pay a one time fee of $10 for the purchase of your advertising space and lifetime membership.




Once registration is complete, a website will be created for you similar to this one with your username.



Once created, your ad will be in the #1 position. Your Sponsor ad moves to position 2 and member #2 ad will move to position 3. Member #3 ad moves to 4 and so on...

What happens to my position?


As a member you get provided with everything you need to be able to promote your site online. Once people visit and take an interest they then send $10 or bitcoin payment through one of our many payment processors in the same way that you have. Each time this occurs your position moves down so you will go from position 1 to 2. The person that has joined from your advertising link becomes position 1. When position 1 invites someone to register with the club and they view your ad. Position 1 and you being position 2 are compensated. Then you will move to position 3, 1 takes over number 2, and now the new member takes position 1.

Here’s how it all works


Every time a new member joins from your link or one of your network members link you get paid $1 instantly to your WWCC account in which you may put in a withdrawal request at anytime, there is a $5 minimum cash out**.

If you were to recommend just 10 members then you will make $10 at sponsor position #1.

Each of the people you have recommended send the same amount and also refer at least 10 people.

Out of those people each of their referrals do the same while you are at position 2 then you will make $100.

For each 10 people referred by them you will make $10, this keeps snowballing as you move down positions allowing you to make $1,000 at position 3, $10,000 at position 4 and it just keeps on growing so that you are able to make more.

If you get to the end of position 6 you will have made $1mil plus! An astounding amount when you look at the initial investment and to make it all you have to do is bring another 10 people on board and they duplicate your success.

What happens once all 10 people you have recruited make payment?

  • A website is created similar to this one for each new member
  • The site address will be sent to your email which will contain your position #1
  • Each of the recruits will send you further $1 payments and your position moves down.
  • The new position 1 member will do the same as you, and as you are in position 2 you earn more income.
  • You will also receive 1000 banner views at our website as a sign on bonus.

Is this program at risk of being stopped?

  • This is a worldwide program so it will not stop unless people decide they no longer want money (who doesn’t like money?)
  • Think of all the people that are likely to require an extra income including housewives and students, and can do so from a tiny investment.
  • As the plan is affordable for all it’s a valuable investment opportunity.
  • Working together makes better revenue for everyone who gets involved
  • It’s a simple way to earn money quickly and without prior investment knowledge
  • You can start today so you don’t miss out on the potential to earn thousands in a single day.




Earnings Disclaimer:
As with any business the amount of money earned is determined by each
individuals personal efforts for growth, hard work, and dedication. WWCC
is not a get rich quick business. All indications of income is used as a guide
of potential success and the amounts you will earn if all factors exist.




Latest Paid Member

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  • tammara2628 - $1.00
  • mmiller1 - $1.00
  • tammara2628 - $1.00
  • mmiller1 - $1.00
  • tammara2628 - $1.00
  • mmiller1 - $1.00
  • goodcarl - $1.00
  • tammara2628 - $1.00
  • mmiller1 - $1.00
  • wealthy - $1.00
  • tammara2628 - $1.00
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